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We want to help you make informed decisions with accessibility at the forefront. So here's some of our working brand resources to assist.

Curious to see what a fully AAA+ compliant Email Design System looks like?

We've taken our Email Weekly template and given it a full AAA+ overhaul. Whilst the template has always adhered to AA accessibility best practices, we were keen to see what meeting the highest accessibility standards would look like. Scroll through the email below to explore the modifications made to make it fully compliant.

Email Weekly

Colour contrast - While our brand red meets the AA compliance for colour contrast, it doesn't quite meet the stricter AAA standards. So we've changed our brand red and other colours across the email to meet the 7:1 ratio.

Layout changes - The AAA guidelines have stricter requirements for how elements are positioned on the page, in particular the distance between distinct sections. We've also added a clear CTA link at the end of each article to keep a meaningful sequence.

Disabling animations - Animations and moving content can be distracting or disorienting for some people. As such, we've used the prefers-reduced-motion media query to disable CSS animations and GIFs for those who have enabled the setting on their device.